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If you are going to trust a company with something as precious as your academic future and reputation, don’t you want to put your trust for your writing in the right hands—in someone’s hands who won’t abuse that trust and who wants to help you hand in a work of scholarship that will utterly WOW your teachers? Of course you do! Our service specializes in something very rare that is called “custom essays.” That means not even the word “the” is put onto one blank sheet until we talk to you, get a sense of your writing style and voice, look at some of your other essays, and talk to you about your vision for the project.

Essay Writing Assistance from Graduate Degreed Staff

Our writing assistants have attended top tier schools and have received many accolades for their writing. Most have written a variety of textbooks, academic help books, and work as GRE trainers and GRE test designers. Some have degrees from Harvard in math or biology and some have degrees in composition from Rutgers’ –but all have degrees and excellent recommendations for their teaching and writing accomplishments. They work extremely well with students or we don’t hire them. So expect a true learning experience from our helping you that will enhance your understanding of how these writings work—the formula behind them that gets As.

The Way Works

At we have a team of native English speakers with graduate degrees in both writing and an array of specialties from MBAs to PhDs in Composition. We have writing experts that have taught graduate level and undergraduate level students through challenging long papers and short, condensed ones. We can provide either affordable writing service or tutoring for an array of papers. We are both cheap and superior, and we are affordable because we have so many clients.

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Once you place your order, we set right to work constructing a work that showcases your insights and research skills. You will get an A and your instructor will be impressed with your skills. We send you multiple drafts as your project progresses, as the work approaches finality. If you need revisions after that, you have up to ten days to request free revisions of this specific work.

Research Paper Assistance with A Team of Researchers and Writers

Our service has a special approach for research paper writing assistance. To get an excellent work of scholarship full of scholarly research of the highest esteem, delivered to your inbox (with plagiarism reports appended to them), we assign both an expert research assistance. They have degrees in library science and know how to laser in on research to unearth those more “hidden” nuggets of wisdom on the web.

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All documents, unless you have an earlier specification, will be in this writing format.

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"I'm a single mom going back to school and it's hard to juggle academic work, part-time work and taking care of my baby all at the same time. This is why Essay Country is a really good investment on my part. I get to spend more quality time with my baby." - Candice

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